Toilet Hire, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions in Africa

Sanitech Toilet Hire was founded in 1982 as South Africa’s first portable toilet and sanitation company. The hygiene division was established in 1996 and is now a leading service provider of professional washroom hygiene services. In 2007, Sanitech received global support and was purchased by Waco international. In 2014 Sanitech embarked on a new era of innovation which saw the introduction of integrated facilities solutions. Since early 2015 Sanitech Hygiene and Sanitation divisions started expanding into Africa.

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Hygiene Services

Sanitech Hygiene offers professional washroom hygiene services in Africa

Daily Cleaning Deep Cleaning Pest Control
Intergrated Hygiene Specialised Cleaning Washroom Products


Sanitation Services

Sanitech Toilet Hire offers the following sanitation services in Africa

Toilet Hire NIC Toilets Service of Septic Tanks
Khusela Dry Sanitation Toilet Waste Water Treatment

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